Under Armour Men’s UA Lockdown Basketball Shoes



Individuals who have chosen basketball as their favorite game to participate in know that it is a wise idea to look for a pair of kicks which are designed and made professionally for the sport. The way a basketball shoe is designed will be felt throughout a game.

Basketball shoes are designed and built to accommodate the different needs of players, since not all players move in the same manner. Thus, you have to go and get something that will fit best with your kind of game and movement.

For people with a budget who want a quality basketball shoe without sacrificing style and function, there are shoes available at a reasonable price. In this review, we are going to discuss Under Armour’s Lockdown for Men basketball shoe. Let us see whether this one makes the grade.


  • combo of lightweight synthetic leather overlays and genuine leather for medial and lateral support
  • collar foam for allover comfort and support for the ankles
  • molded EVA sockliner, full-length EVA midsole and one-piece rubber outsole with herringbone traction


Plenty of athletes say that their performance could be influenced by the shoes and gear they wear during a match or competition.

The majority of these athletes, whether they are seasoned pros, amateurs in the game or just plain enthusiasts who are in it for the fitness and fun, understand that a pair of kicks plays a big part over the course of a performance and having a weak pair can make participating in matches and competitions a nightmare.

When shoes do not fit properly or are of mediocre design and structure, they can cause some problems, which can lead to injury. Thus for b-ball players and enthusiasts, a nice pair of basketball shoes is not there for style, it is an actual requirement.

A limited budget will not hinder you in the search for affordable basketball shoes though. It is true that most athletic shoes on the market can go way over the $200 mark, but remember that there are factors at play there; there are certain technologies involved in the manufacture and design of the shoe thus some models’ price rates are on the steep side.

However, as I have said, there are still budget b-ball shoes with lower prices that will not sacrifice performance. While they may not exactly scream exceptional support, traction or cushioning, these models still make every game comfortable throughout.

Under Armour’s Lockdown for Men has EVA details in the right places; the shoe has an EVA sockliner and midsole. EVA is one of the best shoe materials created, due to its water-resistant properties, resistanceto corrosion, tensile strength, durability, excellent shock absorption and insulation.

The processing for EVA materials requires easy pressing, cutting and gluing. The EVA sole is typically utilized in a shoe’s middle part, the outsole or the insole. For the Lockdown model, its sockliner and midsole are made with EVA material and it lets users acquire all of the benefits that this particular material brings.

Users who appreciated the structure of the shoe agreed that wearing the pair felt comfortable throughout a game. The fit of the shoes were snug but still comfortable. Many customers also agreed that the shoes looked quite good and the model was provided with a great design by the company.


The shoes did not escape some criticisms though. While many have said that the shoes were comfortable to wear, a few customers had problems with sizing.

Most of the shoes were a bit small, thus some customers bought shoes that were a tad bigger than their original size. Another customer also commented that, while the shoes were great, they had a moderately narrow instep, which he did not like.


For those who have budgetary constraints, Under Armour’s Lockdown for Men basketball shoe is something that you may want to check out. Recommended for those who like the feel of EVA components in their sports shoes.

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