Under Armour Men’s UA ClutchFit Drive II Basketball Shoes



It is true that a nice pair of basketball shoes that have all the things you need is one part of the answer to ensuringan excellent gameon the court.

You need something that will not only provide style but add lots of support, traction and cushioning.  A proper pair of b-ball shoes is crucial since it will prevent and lessen the damage that frequent, vigorous movement can inflict during this kind of sport.

While most kicks for this sport are on the steep side pricewise, there actually are affordable models available on the market which do not sacrifice performance for the lower prices. Take Under Armour’s Men’s UA ClutchFit Drive 2 model. The pair is made to provide lightweight support and stability for all users.

This is an ideal model for players who require support during games and, with its Clutchfit upper wraps, wearers will acquire the best in terms of compression and stability. Read on for more information and opinions on this pair.


  • ClutchFit and MicroG technologies
  • low-cut construction for flex and wider range of movement
  • lightweight, supportive uppers make for all-out stability
  • lightweight midsole provides supreme comfort and cushioning
  • 3D molded tongue for a customized fit
  • external counter heel that improves support for internal heel
  • herringbone pattern on rubber outsole for great traction


Under Armour’s Men’s UA ClutchFit Drive II has a MicroG sockliner to provide an additional amount of cushioning and provide protection against sudden impacts. The model also features a synthetic upper material called the Clutchfit, which provides comfortable wear and it actually felt nice whenever my foot came in contact with it.

However, this particular material is not used liberally on the shoes; they would have earned more comfort points if the company used more of the material on the shoe.

The midsole of thisshoeis pretty steady and comfy, and the fit is true to size, which is a relief. While wearing and testing the shoe on the court, I experienced no problems with the lockdown and no hassles with slipping either.

The cushioning did its job very well—it presented ready responses and, on the other hand, the MicroG sockliner is another excellent item. This particular combination felt constant yet not too rigid and it provided a great deal of responsiveness.

As for the traction, the shoe has the brand’s typical traction pattern. It is one of the most dependable tractions around and it is quite capable of holding out multi-directional motions and it is able to hold the ground decently as well.

For the support part, the combination of a heel counter, fine materials, and a rigid ankle collar makes for great support at all games. When it comes to ventilation, I rate it as decent.

All of the factors worked significantly well and I did not have any issues with it. This is a fuss-free model that interested people should check out.


There were a few people who complained that the shoes were not very durable. I noticed that the rubber parts of the shoes do not look that long-lasting thus, this will work better as an indoor model.


I have no complaints when it comes to this pair in general. Under Armour Clutchfit Drive II did not disappoint. For a budget model, you will get plenty of performance out of this pair. It provides excellent traction, loads of cushioning, exceptional support and most importantly, comfort throughout play.

Due to its balanced features, this might be ideal for any position in the court. Under Armour’s Men’s UA ClutchFit Drive IIperforms so solidly that I will not hesitate to call this one a versatile model. You get a lightweight feel and speed at the same time.

Highly recommended for all basketball players no matter their position, this one is a great buy and definitely worth checking.

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