Top 10 Basketball Shoes for Girls this 2017


In this generation, basketball is no longer a one-gender sport. It is now being played by girls as well. In this prominent game, one should own a pair of gear that is definitely what a player needs for this particular activity – a basketball shoes. Finding the right pair of basketball shoes for girls is not hard. There are already a lot of innovations of basketball shoes and the change keeps going. If you want to know the latest trend for this year, we will give you top 10 basketball shoes for girls this 2017 in this article. Read further down below for details.

But before we go down to our featured shoes, let us tell you first the things that you need to know.

Features of a Good Girls’ Basketball Shoe

There are factors that one should consider when buying a pair of basketball shoes, especially for girls. One thing is having a proper and excellent support for your ankle. Basketball shoes normally have this but still, be sure to check if the shoes does have this. Second is a soft cushioning that has a proper impact protection as well. This is good as it protects your foot for any possible severe impact that could lead to injury. Third one is having a lightweight construction. When you play basketball, you would be required to move around quickly into the court, and wearing a pair of heavy shoes would be inconvenient for you. So, be sure to look if the shoes is only lightweight. And lastly, shoes that have versatile traction. Having this would make it easier for you to quickly move from one place to another.

That’s it! Now, let us finally get down to the top 10 basketball shoes for girls this 2017:

Top 10 Basketball Shoes for Girls this 2017





  Under Armour Micro G Torch $$  4.7/5
  Nike Hyperdunk 2014 $$  4.8/5
  Adidas Pro Model Zero W $  4.3/5
  Nike Hyperdunk 2015 $$  3.4/5
  Under Armour Jet $   4.7/5
  Nike Air Visi Pro V $  4.8/5
  Under Armour ClutchFit Drive 3 $$  4.5/5
  Nike Prime Hype DF II $$  4.7/5
  Under Armour Jet Mid $  4.7/5
  Nike Air Force White Sneaker $$$  4.7/5

Under Armour Micro G Torch

It has not been known to most people but Under Armour is actually a full house of women’s basketball shoes. There Micro G Torch is one great basketball shoe that has maxinum cushioning and definitely gives comfort. This particular show has a full-length MicroG cushioning that is very soft. When you play and wear a shoe, you would want something that has plushness, pure comfort and as well as softness which the Micro G Torch definitely have. Its impact protection as well as one to root for because of having soft foam, it absorbs shock very well. When we talk about the traction, this one can be played outdoors with no worries.

The shoe’s upper part is made out of synthetic leather. With this kind of material, you can expect durability, a good ventilation and a decent support as well.

Nike Hyperdunk 2014

When you search for basketball shoes for women, this is probably the frequent result that you would find. This says a lot about how the Nike Hyperdunk 2014 for women has been sought out by many. Having the best features for playing a basketball game is a top notch.

Nike’s hyperdunk series is already known because of the solid performance that it provides. And the Hyperdunk 2014 seems to have topped among its family. It has a HyperFuse upper that is made of sturdy and very durable material. With this, it will definitely fit your ankle providing good support as well. The Dynamic Flywire of the shoe is an additional support and lockdown as well.

Adidas Pro Model Zero W

Adidas Pro Model Zero WJust like the Under Armour’s Micro G Torch, the Adidas Pro Model Zero W is one that is made up of synthetic leather finish. Having this material will give you comfort while you play the game while wearing a pair of Pro Model Zero W. Aside from that, it has a mesh lining and as well as a rubber outsole that will definitely provide you with much comfort. It will keep your feet cool and will allow you a sufficient traction while you play at a faster speed on the court.

Nike Hyperdunk 2015

Nike Hyperdunk 2015Another Hyperdunk model have made it to our top 10 basketball shoes for girls this 2017. This particular model may have been the latest in their family, however, it does not seem to have the best support unlike its predecessor – the Nike Hyperdunk 2014. But still, it is a solid basketball shoes. It has two Zoom Air units for the shoe’s cushioning. However, this is one thing that could be considered as a flaw of the shoe since it makes the heel unresponsive. Though it has that, the traction is solid that is good for outdoor activities. Same with the Hyperdunk 2014, it has HyperFuse as well.

Under Armour Jet

Under Armour JetJust like the Nike Prime Hype DF II, the Under Armour Jet basketball shoes is one that has a multi-directional traction pattern that helps put easiness when you move faster on court. If you are one of those who are looking for an ankle support, then the Under Armour Jet basketball shoes might be the right one for you. It has a solar collar foam that can help protect your ankle from possible severe injury. It could be considered as a great choice for those who are serious when it comes to playing a game. This is why it is one of our top 10 basketball shoes for girls this 2017.

Nike Air Visi Pro V

Nike Air Visi Pro VAn old model of Nike basketball shoes made it to our top 10 basketball shoes for girls this 2017. The underdog model of the brand,  the Nike Air Visi Pro V is one that gives decent performance. It has the heel the same as the Nike Air unit which is not as great as the zoom air but still somewhat works.

The traction for this shoe is solid. The foam midsole is for comfort and as well as the upper part’s synthetic leather. It is fairly light and durable with this kind of material.

Under Armour ClutchFit Drive 3

Under Armour ClutchFit Drive 3The Under Armour’s undated ClutchFit pair is one that gives an ample amount of support. The shoe protects the athlete’s heel and ensures a comfortable fitting. The outer appearance has herringbone pattern with insets to give the shoe pinpoint accurate grip. The traction is also provided during possible sharp movement transitions.

Nike Prime Hype DF II

Nike Prime Hype DF IIIf you may have noticed, when we talk of basketball shoes, Nike is one brand that will immediately pop out. It is because of how well established the brand is when it comes to this line of field. Among its basketball shoes, the Nike Prime Hype DF II is one that has the most positive feedback from people. It has a Phylon cushioning that is responsive enough and gives the user a good feel when being used.

It has a pure synthetic top that is breathable and light as well. Aside from that, it has some support as well from the fit itself along with its high ankle collar with a Breath Tech material. With the traction, it is also great. The pattern of the shoe is designed to hold off possible multi-directional movements.

Under Armour Jet Mid

Under Armour Jet MidAnother Under Armour Jet had made it to the top 10 basketball shoes for girls this 2017 list. This particular Jet pair is one that has a mid top. It is built to accommodate foot that has a more narrow structure. The outsole of the shoe is made out of one-piece solid rubber. The same with other basketball shoes in this brand, it has herringbone traction pattern as well that will give great grip when you start playing on the court. Aside from that the molded quarter panels can increase the shoe’s level of breathability and as well as comfort.

Nike Air Force White Sneaker

Nike Air Force White SneakerNike is known for its line of basketball shoes. They are one of the best as they have a lot of variety of not just shoes, but sport body gears as well. This article is meant to introduce basketball shoes, however, we think that the Nike Air Force white sneaker, though not exactly a basketball shoe, still fits the description. It is a good pair of shoe for playing basketball. It may not have the ankle protection feature due to having a low top, it has other features that fits a description of a basketball shoe. A reason why it is one of the top 10 basketball shoes for girls this 2017.

Just by looking at these pair of shoes, the design will really tell you that it would promise a user that it is comfortable to use. It is made of natural leather which adds to having an elegant and rich look. It comes in two colors that you can choose from: plaid white and black. This classic pair lives truly up to the expectations that you would have from the brand. The shoe has a fabric sole that would give your feet a grim grip when you run, walk, or play. Though it may cost you more than a normal pair of basketball shoes, but it will be worth every dime you pay.

Final Thoughts

So, that is pretty much it! As you can see, there have not been a lot of brand variation when it comes to basketball shoes for girls as mostly are made for boys. However, those particular model of basketball shoes that have been mentioned gives out the best performance for the athletes still. The top 10 basketball shoes for girls this 2017 list have pretty much the best pair of shoes for basketball.

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