Taller with Basketball Shoes: Is it Possible?



Individuals who want to make themselves a bit taller will have to invest in a pair of shoes that will give them an inch or several inches of height. Obviously, we have high-heeled shoes for women, elevator shoes for men and basketball shoes.

Acquiring a pair of athletic shoes, particularly some Nike models that will add inches to your height, will help you in terms of playing ball and other kinds of sports too. When it comes to certain sports, an increase in height is crucial, not only in aesthetics but also when it comes to sensibility.

You will notice that almost all basketball players and even volleyball players are tall. Those who are slightly tall are often overpowered by the tallest players in the bunch during trials, and in this aspect, we are not talking about aesthetics.

The majority of basketball shoes that encourage height are typically designed with ultra-thick soles. However, they do not have elevated heels or shoe lifts the way elevator shoes have them. Height enhancement as such is more understated. However, for plenty of individuals, wearing those kinds of shoes is not practical.

It should also be mentioned that individuals who wear a variety of shoes constantly just to add inches to their height will draw some degree of attention to themselves as well, since wearing a selection of shoes with diverse heights will add inches on their own at diverse levels.

So, do basketball shoes make you taller?

There are indeed athletic shoes that will add inches to your current height. Majority of these pairs are comfortable and stylish at the same time. But individuals who often sport these shoes will have to wear them on a frequent basis in order to reduce the obviousness of a sudden increase in height. People will clearly see this abrupt change.

Plenty of basketball shoes provide a boost in height and can actually assist a person’s performance when it comes to sports, since athletic shoes are specially designed. These features are mainly used to benefit athletes in the field of sports.

About Height Insoles

There is another item which can add inches to one’s height and they are called height insoles. They are convenient, small inserts placed inside shoes and they are available and wallet-friendly to boot.

They are supple, comfortable items that fit right into your pair of dress shoes or basketball sneakers. They are available in foam and silicone and work well with almost all kinds of shoes.

A height insole is constructed with a thin upper that fits right beneath the wearer’s toes and a thicker 1- 2 inch padding that fits right beneath the wearer’s heel.

This method works to provide a boost to the wearer’s height by up to 2 inches and, once combined with shoes that have taller heels, the wearer can become taller by a good 4 inches based on the pair of shoes they are wearing.

Plenty of people feel comfortable wearing such combinations, but you can give yourself a few days of wearing them both in order to break them in and familiarize yourself with the height difference.

However, some people who play sports insist that these height insoles actually do more harm than good. Especially when it comes to sports like basketball.

Basketball requires taller players but some argue that shoes used for this game should be lightweight. The idea of putting additional items into a shoe is useless, since it will add weight and it can affect the way a player jumps.

Wearing an excellent pair of athletic shoes that are meant for sports and not aesthetics would be a far better advantage for athletes, since they will provide greater maneuverability, fewer chances of acquiring injuries, better verticals and most importantly, less weight to handle.

Thus, if you want to add more height, you may have to invest in a pair of top-notch basketball shoes. There are plenty in the market, from Nike models, Jordan models, Under Armour ones, athletic shoes from Adidas and the like. These are shoes that are not only designed and made to improve one’s game, the aesthetic factor is also a priority thus you will get good-looking shoes and functionality with each pair.

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