Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier IX Basketball Shoe



Basketball shoes for professional players, especially those who are on top of their game, are highly coveted in the market and many deem them collectors’ items. Companies often design and build shoes with the needs and styles of a star player in mind.

While most pro player b-ball shoes come with a higher price tag, there are also affordable ones that will appeal to the frugal basketball enthusiast. In this case, we are putting the limelight on Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier IX basketball shoe.

The Soldier IX is for players who are aggressive in the court just like its namesake. The IX’s highly-innovative midfoot strap provides a strong lockdown support, enhances stability and minimizes the threat of slippage. The Flywire cables provided seamlessly join together with the upper strap to provide nothing but better control over the wearer’s movements.


  • texture upper with synthetic overlays for lighter support
  • Flywire cables that combine with the midfoot strap for lighter lateral support
  • Zoom Air for reactive cushioning
  • decoupled rubber pods for a broad range of movement and durability
  • hexagon pattern for greater, multi-directional traction


Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier IX has the company’s Zoom Air and Flywire feature, with the former as the cushioning setup while the latter are cables that are located beneath the upper of the shoe and are linked with the laces. The Zoom Air cushioning is located in the forefoot of the shoe and the heel.

The Flywire ensemble, meanwhile, is to provide wearers’ stability and topnotch lockdown. Both items are in fact, good in what they do.

Comfort is another strong point of this pair. The upper is composed of soft, mesh, material and, as we all know, mesh feels totally great on our feet. This mesh material is combined with Fuse for additional flex. The traction in this pair is quite superb and will readily suit light to medium play out of doors.

As soon as you hold these kicks up, you will see their ultra-rigid traction patterns, which are composed of rubber blocks. These blocks are actually the reason why wearers of this shoe have more flex in their movements while at play.

The Soldier IX is definitely a huge upgrade from the Soldiers of old. It is bouncy and soft, yet stiff enough to be reactive and it does not slow down your movements. While it does not contain the greatest cushioning in the market, the pair works pretty well for a budget model.

When it comes to impact protection, the whole model served exceptionally well. The straps that are fitted around the shoe provide stability and they are made to bind all over the entire shoe.

Materials, in my opinion, are subjective—some are fond of mesh material while some do not approve of it in their shoes.

However, it is known that mesh is not a very long-lasting material and it can succumb to wear, thus the shoe offers Fuse in several high-wear spots. Lastly, the shoes provide decent ventilation, which can be acquired through mesh material. If you want a Lebron James shoe that’s more in line with your budget, this one is a great purchase.


The straps are not adjustable, which can be a hassle since, for several users, the straps could be too constricting while for some it might feel slack.

There is also weight, which is subjective as well. These shoes are heavy and may put off enthusiasts who prefer lighter models.


Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier IX is a great choice for fans that are on a strict budget but need a shoe that was made expressly for the man. It has a heart-warming price and it feels comfortable, provides good support and presents a wide array of features that b-ball players will appreciate. If you are into its features and its overall design, why not go for this model? After all, it was made for one of the game’s best players.

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