Choosing the Best Basketball Shoes for Kids


Basketball has increased its popularity overtime that allures many young souls. Its popularity gains the young to pursue playing the sport. It is not costly and tends to be a lot of fun. Perhaps these are the reason why most parents like the game too. But before playing any sports, appropriate gear must be remembered.  The most important gear for the game would be the basketball shoes. In order to know more on how to choose the best basketball shoes for kids, please continue reading.

Common Drawbacks

Basketball shoes for kids commonly lack the proper tread on its bottom. It must be noted that when basketball is played indoors, most courts for the youth are slippery. Having shoes which can quickly move your child from side to side is determined by the number of treads on the shoe.

A great basketball shoe for kids are those having a good sole and treat of about 1-inch thick. The sole’s bottom should not be flat and smooth but should be very course. This coarseness in the basketball shoes for kids will help in gripping the floor when the game starts and stops.


Brand new basketball shoes for kids can cost anywhere from the affordable $50 to a whooping $110. The difference in their prices is largely because of its popularity and brand.  the most expensive are those endorsed by famous NBA stars. Those with less advertisements are less expensive and much more affordable.

How to Choose the Best Basketball Shoes for Kids

In Detail: Things to Consider in Buying the Best Basketball Shoes for Kids

Getting the best basketball shoes for your kids is as important as buying their clothes. You need to know first what you need to prioritize and what will make the shoe a better fit. Also in choosing the best basketball shoes for kids, you need take a lot of patience. This way, you maximize your chances of getting the best for your child.

Before getting started, always remember that a shoe is not just a shoe. It might inflate or improve the ego and confidence of your child in the court. However, regardless of what shoe they wear it does not make their game any better. It will only help them to become more comfortable while playing the game.

Here are the Things you need to know

The Price

Every consumer will always ask for the price before buying. With that on mind you can now start weighing your option. First, you need to set a range of price for your budget. This will reduce the scope of searching and cuts much time in looking for the perfect shoes. You must stick with that budget, given that it is for kids. Kids skill level is not that improved so a cheap and good pair still works well.

Body build

Popular basketball shoes are designed after the signature of NBA superstars and players. Each signature shoes is designed to fit the corresponding player. This will provide parents a certain comparison for their child. Hence, you can pick one of the signature shoes that look closer to your child in the physical aspect. For instance, your child is big and plays as center or as captain. This means that your child needs a lot of support for big guy like Lebron James. For smaller players look for a shoe that has emphasis on speed since smaller players needs a lot of mobility.

Skill Level

It is very important that parents also consider the skill level of their child in buying basketball shoes. You need to keep a level head in order to ensure that it will sustain longer. With skill level you need to consider the quality of training your children. You need to consider the number of hours spent in training.  Their commitment to the game and their motivation on playing will dictate the kind of shoes you should buy. A greater demand for the shoe is needed for the more committed kid.


Comfort is very important in buying basketball shoes regardless of the player’s age or type of playing. Comfort must be met in choosing the best basketball shoes for your child. The comfortable feeling in wearing the shoe depends so much in cushioning. Typically there are two types of cushioning namely air and foam. The only difference between the two is the responsiveness of the cushion type.  The air cushion shoes response better than the shoes with the foam cushioning type.

Outer Sole

Looking for the best traction is the game in this part of searching for the best basketball shoes for kids. When we say traction it is the capability of the shoe to grip on the floor. This might be the easiest part in looking for the perfect pair of shoes you want for your child. The only challenge of this part is picking one that is able to work o multiple surfaces and work diligently. In order to check its capability you need to make sure that the outer sole is made of rubber. Also, you need to look for the thickness of the rubber. Softness and pattern of the rubber must also be considered. This will ensure the tightness of grip or the traction of the shoes and improves the mobility of your child.


Most of the shoes found in the markets are made for players with narrow foot. This reality makes shoes in the market fit for most of the children. This fact is not the only thing to be considered for the best match. Materials are also to be determine if it meets the need of the player’s foot. For children having big and wide feet, more natural materials of shoes are better. Durable plastic is good for most of the children but not for children having wider feet. Also remember to put ½ a size allowance for your child. The allowance gives the foot more room to play around the court.


Buying a shoes for basketball is not a monthly routine so picking the most durable shoes is a must. Imagine your child having a bad game due to embarrassment by a broken shoe in the middle of the game. It would break the very soul of your child so choose a durable pair that will last longer. Shoes made form materials like leather and suede is a good choice. They might be a little bit costly, but it will be better in the longer run.


Children nowadays thinks so much of being one of the cool kids around. To be accepted you must look cool in the eyes of others. With this in mind, a good style that fits your son must be considered important. Though the aesthetics of the shoes does not improve for child’s play, it boosts their confidence. This part is put at the last part because this is only for the external beauty of the shoes. The external beauty of things does not literally express the overall capacity of the shoes.

How to Choose the Best Basketball Shoes for Kids

Overall, choosing the best basketball shoes for kids is somewhat like an art. There are many things to consider before buying one. The best of the shoes in the market today are not the only one endorsed by known and very popular NBA players. Even those that are unknown have good quality given the right proportions and materials for your child. Before buying one, it would be best to let your child try out the shoes in a light run inside the store.

To make the choosing more fun, allow your child to participate in choosing the best basketball shoes for them. Guide them through on how to choose a pair of best basketball shoes for kids. After all, it would be them who would use it.

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