Best Running Shoes that Can Also be Used in Other Sport Activities


When it comes to sports, one of the most important gear that one should wear is a pair of shoes. It is important to wear the proper gears for you to get comfortable whenever you play the sport. Now, when it comes to shoes, there are a lot of kind that you can choose from – sneakers, running shoes, athletic shoes, basketball shoes and cleats are just some of the few. In this article, let us indulge more into running shoes that can also be used in sport activities. Contrary to what others have known, there are actually running shoes that are not exclusively used for track and field or for running. There are also those that can be used to some sport activities. Some of the best running shoes are as follows:

Best Running Shoes

Running shoes may have been made for track and field sports, but there are some that can be used for sport activities. The best running shoes for other sports matters with several factors: cushioning, durability and as well as stability. So, without further ado, here are the best running shoes that we think would fit other sports as well:





  Brooks Men’s Ghost 9 $$  4.7/5
  Saucony Men’s Ride 9 Running Shoe $$  4.0/5
  adidas Performance Men’s Supernova Sequence 9 M Running Shoe $$  4.4/5
  Mizuno Men’s Wave Inspire 13 Running Shoe $$  3.8/5
  Hoka One One Mens Clifton 3 Running Shoe $$   4.5/5
  ASICS Men’s 33 M 2 Running Shoe $$  4.5/5
  Mizuno Men’s Wave Sayonara 4 Running Shoe $$  4.8/5
  Newton Running Men’s Fate Ii $$  4.4/5
  Hoka One One Men’s Speed Instinct Shoe – Nightshade/Acid $$  4.5/5
  Altra Men’s Lone Peak 3 Running Shoe $$  4.3/5

Brooks Ghost 9

Brooks Ghost 9A very no-nonsense, solid neutral running shoe – Brooks Ghost 9 is one that really does delivers on all aspects. Shoes under the neutral category is actually the butter and bread of the shoe’s world, it basically tells you that these shoes have best cushions. This particular running shoes has a soft cushioning and it even have a traction that is also great even on surfaces that are wet.

Saucony Ride 9 

Saucony Ride 9Another neutral shoes is the Saucony Ride 9. It is designed to perform well and durable in running on track and road surfaces. It can be considered as a racing shoe that can go over 10km. The shoe has a large amount of cushion and it also has rubber combined weight .

Adidas Supernova Sequence 9

Adidas Supernova Sequence 9If you like to have running shoes that have stability, then Adidas Supernova Sequence 9 is one that you should try. this road-running shoe is the top tier stability shoe. It offers an excellent cushion with a support that comes from both the overlays and as well as midsole that locks down the developed mesh of the upper part. Though the shoe appears to be bulky, it is actually super light which makes it easier for the user to move around. Perfect for sport activities!

Mizuno Ave Inspire 13 

Mizuno Ave Inspire 13Another stability shoe is the Mizuno Ave Inspire 13. It feels light to use and is designed to last longer. It may look bulky just like the normal training running shoes would look like, but this particular shoe is one with deceiving look. The shoes are actually light and can make you easily move from one place to another.

Hoka One One Clifton 3 

Hoka One One Clifton 3Running shoes that have maximal cushioning are actually in in sports today. One of the most popular brands to offer this products is the Hoka One One. Their latest Clifton 3 is one shoe that converts the skeptics. It has stellar platform. Aside from that, it also has extras soft cushioning and feels very light to use as well.

Asics 33-M 2 

Asics 33-M 2For those who are looking for trainers that have natural maximum cushion ride, but still have a very lightweight and can withstand the mileage, this Asics 33-M 2 is the right one for you.

Mizuno Wave Sayonara 4

Mizuno Wave Sayonara 4One of the feature that one looks for when it comes to shoes is the weight aside from the stability. There are a number of lighweight neutral running shoes that you can choose from, but the best one right now is the Mizuno Wave Sayonara 4. It is meant for fast training.

Newton Fate II

Newton Fate IIThe Newton Fate II is one that has the balance of minimal, supportive, and as well as lightweight factors. It offers comfortable fit to the user and provides adequate support that could grip even through rough terrains.

Hoka One One Speed Instinct

Hoka One One Speed InstinctIf you are who is a fan of going through terrains, then you should consider having the Hoka One One Speed Instinct. It is mainly developed for trail running. It is very comfortable to use and enough for you to run on pavement. Other than that, it is rugged enough for you to get through some non-technical trails as well.

Altra Lone Peak 3.0

Altra Lone Peak 3.0Altra has been making innovations as the time goes by. It keeps on adopting to changes. One of their latest model is the Altra Lone Peak 3.0. It allows maximum toe spread. It also has grippy outsole that trail runners would want to have for their shoes.

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