Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Footed Players Review


Wide footed shoppers find it hard to find their own snugly, comfortable, properly fitted shoes. Imagine then the kind of mayhem athletes have to face when choosing their own for use in their games. There is an increase with difficulty for finding the Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Footed Players. The narrow lasts and plastic synthetics in the market today make it hard for basketball players with wide feet to find something that would not fear their feet apart.

But fortunately, basketball is a sport having many players with wide feet. So this concern is not that immense. Finding the best basketball shoes for wide footed players can easily be spotted when compared to finding shoes for other sports. However, there is a requirement for a little bit of understanding and knowledge to what kind you are really looking for. With the help of the advice below for finding the Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Footed Players, you should be able to praise yourself and no longer curse your ancestors for giving you those feet.

This is the Top 10 picks for the Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Footed Players out there. This is available for online shop or walk in stores. The models below will best fit your foot.

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The 10th: Nike Air Max Hyperaggressor

Price Tag: $80

Nike Air Max HyperaggressorThe new Nike Air Max Hyperaggressor has a lot to offer. Nike’s Hyperfuseline has before made many basketball players having to choose another ½ size. They do this to be able to get a normal fit because the Hyperfuse line has a very narrow construction. But with this new Nike Air Max Hyperaggressor, having to go ½ size higher is not an option anymore. The Hyperaggressor is exactly the opposite of the Hyperfuse line. With the Hyperaggressor, it’s very wide on the side. The Fuse upper is also very giving. Thus, if you have hot sports and break-in periods then this shoe should do you great. This quality solid performance of Nike Air Max Hyperaggressor is far afield. The only setback for this shoe though is their cushion. Although this is not really a problem since a simple insole swap can easily fix this.

Basketball Shoes for Wide Footed Players

The 9th: Under Armour Micro Charge BB

Price Tag: $130

Under Armour Micro Charge BBAlthough not for everyone and almost not for every player, this shoe has a lot to offer. The new Under Armour Micro Charge BB has great features. Their best offer out in the market is the HeatGear upper. This feature allows the shoe to stretch to almost every foot shape there is. So, if you have an attraction for their Micro G cushioning, have a grab with their shoes right now. You might also want to have their unconventional on-court design.

The 8th: K1x Anti Gravity

Price Tag: $120

This shoe is a bit of head turner for its name. This k1x Anti Gravity offers a synthetic upper which sort of imitates the leather. Though imitating the leather, this shoe offers comfortability to its user during play times even with if there’s only a quick break-in period. It comes with a good news that the forefoot is already slightly wider. As a result, there is no need for you to be in so much trouble if you still have a wider foot. And with its dual density new foam cushion design, this shoe will quickly top the list in your favorite on-court selections. Not to mention, the feels of this shoe when played primarily at the outdoors.

The 7th: Li-Ning Turning Point

Price Tag: $100

This model is an excellent shoe that is available at a “not so expensive” kind of shoe. Li-Ning Turning Point has an exceptional performance. Their soft synthetic upper is a feature which top off their pure performance. This new design allows its user to easily and quickly break-in and loosen-up the shoe. This equates to more fun and less work.

The 6th: Adidas Top Ten 2000

Price Tag: $100

Adidas Top Ten 2000The world needs to accept it. Nearly every new adidas model is tailored for the narrowed foot. This is great news for those who love snug fitting sneakers. But this fact is also a massive blow down for the wide footed players. If there’s a talk about SprintFrame, in this shoe line, it basically equates to some discomfort. But with the SprintFrame taken out of the picture, hope is given to the wide footed players with the new adidas retro releases. Whether it is believable or not, the retro models of adidas is more praised than their new ones. And Adidas Top Ten 2000 is given the top spot for their retro models. So, if you want the exceptional performance with a fit that will give your foot comfort, you should try this. Have you also noticed the price? It is well below the retail price for the adidas shoe company. It should come without a surprise if many players would horde this model before they’re out in the market.

Basketball Shoes for Wide Footed Players

The 5th: Nike LeBron 9

Price Tag: $150

Nike LeBron 9Nike LeBron9 is a popular and one of the Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Footed Players since last year. This popularity forced nearly everyone to take and buy ½ up their size. But hey, these shoes have a great volume up front that is really great for the wide footers and annoying for the narrow footers. Fortunately for those who want these shoes, they are still available at their retail stores and outlets. Not to mention eBay. The solid lockdown and excellent performance of these shoes goes along with its decent price.

Basketball Shoes for Wide Footed Players

The 4th: Ektio Post Up / Wraptor

Price Tag: $75

The Ektio Post Up and Ektio Post Wraptor is an A plus for the Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Footed Players without any propaganda involved with it. However these two models offer the same excellent performance and lockdown. But the only difference with these two shoes is the width which is also very noticeable. The Ektio both offers outdoor and indoor models for their shoes at very affordable prices. And now that their new model is available, you should consider stocking up before they’re gone in the market. It is really not a good feeling to have the disappointment of looking all over the perfect shoe only to find out it’s no longer available.

The 3rd: Air Jordan XX8

Price Tag: $250

Air Jordan XX8

So it’s not really a surprise. Air Jordan has been claiming the top spots for such a long time now. Air Jordan XX8 is a great design which allows any user to use the shoes. Yes, anyone. This is because

the Air Jordan XX8 shapes itself and wrap the foot according to the size and fit of its user no

matter the size and shape. Awesome, huh? But that’s not the only one. That is just one reason to fall in love with these shoes although a little conventional to look at. And there are still more features to which you’ll fall in love with.

Basketball Shoes for Wide Footed Players

The 2nd: Air Jordan XII

Air Jordan XIIAccordingly, this is the second one in the row of the Air Jordans. The Air Jordan XII. And unbelievably, this is actually included in the Retro Air Jordan’s! Whether you will believe it or not, there was once upon a time when the Air Jordan’s were very popular for their ultimate performance. They have excellent on-court performance connections and have this unique appeal. They took the form of a suave off-court sort of skinny jean, swaggy appeal which hooked the market. So if you are planning to get a Retro Air Jordan, never think twice. Make the Air Jordan XII in your number one list. These shoes feature, unbelievably, a leather upper. These are necessary when you are a wide footed athlete since the leather allows the shoes to stretch all over in time. And not just that, these shoes conventionally rule the game in all other attributes when it comes to court performance. There’s just a down side though. The ventilation for these shoes are, err… The ventilation is a bit of an over rate.

Basketball Shoes for Wide Footed Players

The 1st: Jordan Melo M8

Price Tag: $100

Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Footed PlayersAnd finally, the best one out there. The one who made it to the top list for the Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Footed Players. Jordan Melo M8 will make those with still wider feet happy. Another model has been released from the last season. Since the release of these shoes, basketball athletes has been thinking of these new pair of model. Jordan Melo M8 gives it users the sufficient grip and incredible comfortability from its fantastic cushion. Not to mention how these shoes perfectly feet the wide footed basketball players. These shoes can be bought at any Nike Outlets for a reasonable and inexpensive price. These shoes are at the top of their game and is a top solid performer model. So grab these ones. Feel and make yourself a certified winner with the Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Footed Players.

Basketball Shoes for Wide Footed Players

To Conclude with

Hopefully, this review about the Top 10 picks for the Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Footed Players has helped you. May you choose the best shoes according to what really suits your needs. May you meet the right shoes for you. Good luck in choosing!

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